Whether we like it or not, our lifestyle has changed beyond recognition.
We are busier, we meet fewer people in our daily routine, and significant relationships seem to have pushed aside.

In most cases, although good relationships affect our quality of life, we will compromise on them just because we have no simple way to make meaningful connections other than with the people we encounter in our daily routine.

We have no chance of knowing that there is someone who really gets us five minutes away from us or even on the street next door. Someone we can connect with, and our lives will change forever.

This exactly why we create WIDER.

WIDER is a gateway.

A gate through which we can discover new people around us or overseas. People who all have one thing in common: they all want to meet new people, create new connections, and widen their world.

They all want to find their people.

The clearest message that we get from the longest study ever made about our happiness (Harvard University seventy-five-year study) is this:

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.


Choose how & with whom


​Choose how you want to widen your world & with whom.

Choose if you want us to find you people only from your gender or not, and for what: talk with someone about life, consult or share a common situation, hang-out, share a hobby, find a friend for life, and many more...

Look for your people


You will get profiles of people who also want to widen their world for the same reason.​

Found someone who interests you?

Now choose a 'WIDER' question for them and find out their content world, life perception, and even vibes...

If they answer that, they are also interested, and you will get a glimpse into their worldview.

Widen your world

Someone answer you? Excellent!

Now you know that they also think it could be a great connection, and you got a chance to glimpse into their world.

Still want the connection after the glimpse? Just confirm the connection and start talking.

Fear not, WIDER's assistant will help you break the ice and start the conversation (it will also help end the connection politely if needed).


Start create outstanding friendships!