Our Story

For too long, the world has been telling us how friendship should look and feel.

Endless expectations, definitions, and limitations - all of which have found their way into our lives, affecting how we grow as humans, how we create friendships, and interact with others.

Now, it is time for us to tell the world what friendship looks and feels like for us – people who believe in themselves and in people around them, as a driving force for change and tremendous internal growth.

We want to use technology to create friendships - not loneliness.

We want to experience friendship - not define it.


We are a tool, an opportunity, a revolution.


We were created by people, for people, so that each of us can create as many meaningful connections as we wish.


We are here to build outstanding friendships that fit each of us personally and reflect our needs & the changes we undergo in our lives.


Friendships that not just allow us to be who we are, but to be everything we dream of being.


Start create outstanding friendships!