WIDER simplifies the process of finding friends!

It’s an app that uses a smart match and AI, to spot and connect us with the best-suited people to be our friends.

People that we have no chance of meeting in one lifetime and can be right under our noses...


We are a tool, an opportunity, a revolution.

We want to use technology to deepen our friendships  - not to flatten them.


We were created by people, for people, so that each of us could have as many meaningful friendships as possible in their life.


We are here, to build genuine friendships that suit each of us personally, and reflect the needs & changes we undergo in our lives. Friendships that allow us to be ourselves and all the things we dream of being.


Because it's time to move from shallow to genuine connections!


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The new way to meet friends



We live in the most technologically connected age in history, but rates of loneliness have doubled since the 80s.


People around the world are lonely than ever and hungry for genuine connections.


And let's face it, with or without the disruption of social media & shallow connections, making friends as an adult is difficult. Work and family can cut into time that might be spent getting to know new people.


50% of the US population feels lonely

30M Europeans report being frequently lonely

27% of Australians feel lonely for 3 or more days in a week

43% Chinese thought it likely they would feel lonely in ‘19

Initial market: women, age 25 to 55, valued at $600 million [1st segment: single mom from NY]


Match on a personal level. It considers personality traits, worldviews, values, intellect levels, and more.


Sivan Yitzhak, Founder & CEO 

Industrial & management engineer, information systems manager, and UI/UX designer.

Founder & CEO (2017) of ‘Wegrow’: connecting self-employed women. Co-Founder of "Women. Inspiration“: connecting brave women.

Alex abugov, Technological Advisor

Graduate of an elite technological unit (mamram) and with 19 years of experience in DevOps, product development and & leading development teams.
abugov@gmail.com | +972 52-579-7818