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Talk & meet new people near you or around the world and start to widen your world!

Imagine being part of a world where you can talk and meet like-minded people and widen your world with the click of a button.

A world in which you do not limit yourselves to friendships only with people from your daily routine.


Because maybe five minutes away from you, there is someone who really gets you, and you have no chance of knowing that.


Choose how you want to widen your world: talk with someone about life, consult on a common situation, hang-out, find a friend for life, and much more.

We'll find people who also want to widen their world for the same reason. You will get matches and choose who you want to contact.

Who knows, maybe your besty is just one click away...



Talk with people you would never talk otherwise, people who might change your life forever. Because with every new connection in our lives, we discover a new world. We discover ourselves.




Join over 7,200 people who already discovered new people this month!



"It's just wonderful! Two months ago I was looking for someone to come with me to see art exhibitions. My close friends are so busy with their kids, and I didn't want to go alone.
After a month in WIDER, I found Lily, and since then, we have been consuming art together!" 
- Suzan from Florida.





Deos it cost money?

No. It's completely free!

Is it only for platonic connections?

Yes! Users who violate the rules will be blocked.

What kinds of connections can I create?

- Talk over coffee: meet someone to talk about life, dreams and more - Hang-out: meet and catch a movie, go to a bar, shop... in other words: have fun! - Find your best friend: the one to share experiences, difficulties who will always be there for you - Share a hobby: meet someone who has the same hobby as yours, and experience it together - Share an interest: meet someone to see dance performances, discuss art, go to lectures or any other interest - Someone to consult: share your dilemma and discuss possible solutions with others who had a similar experience - Just meet: not for something specific

Can I suggest a new connection type?

Yes. You can send us your new suggestion.

Is it for everyone?

WIDER is for everyone over the age of 18

If I want to create only female/male friendships?

You can decide whether to receive matches only with women, only men, or with everyone. You can decide on it, right from the start, when filling in your details.

It's a bit strange to meet friends online, isn't it?

No :) Remember, a few years ago everyone said that online dating is strange...
And we say, why not? Why not improve our lives in a click of a button?
Think about it for a moment, what if the woman that gets you more than anyone, the one that has the same vibes, is living 5 minutes from you, but you will never meet each other?

What's the differeance between WIDER and Facebook?

On Facebook (or any other social media), you can also find and connect with other women. But there are several fundamental differences: 1. No embarrassment #01: on WIDER, you know for sure that the other side is also looking to make contact (it's not sure that the person you contacted on Facebook wants to meet new people) 2. No embarrassment #02: on WIDER, only when both of you approve, the connection will start 3. Time-saving: You get matches according to your need & preferences, and don't have to scroll through Facebook and search for a match 4. Type of connection: At WIDER you first choose the type of connection you are looking for and only then begin to receive matches

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